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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vespa Motor Modification Chooper

Vespa Motor Modification Chooper Pictures

Motor Vespa Modified Chooper Style

Scooter or a Vespa is still synonymous with Dilirik as favorite mount. Moreover, Vespa can also appear after the masculine style chooper modifications. Vespa motor chooper following modifications can perhaps Conference Vespa you to reorganize your property to appear more masculine.

Vespa Mofications Chooper Style

For fans of Vespa, there are several streams; there who like vintage, restaurants, and modification. So any modifications to the flow is divided again: british / mod style to ask the British Scooter style 60-70s era, modification touring, racing modifications, modifications rat-bike, and last modification chooper.
Modifications chooper began to bloom in the early 2000s. This probably stems from the idea of a pocket Scooter mediocre but would like to have a motor like chooper.


  1. best modification. Good motorcycle. But that articel not original from u

  2. I think im not saying this article from me dude..just like the others im only copy paste it.


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